Green Door Gallery Artist in Residence Program

Green Door Gallery Artist In Residency (AIR) Information


The mission of Green Door Gallery is to provide the AIR with a quality experience and an opportunity to further your work as an artist.

Program & Facilities

Studio Space

Studio space is located within the gallery on the second floor. The residency runs yearly, February 1st – June 1st and does not include housing. The AIR may choose to use the existing hanging system to display work during the time in residency. AIRs are expected to use the studio regularly to develop their work. A panel will be provided for the AIR to use to enclose their work space when choosing to have privacy while working. The AIR will have full access to the studio at all hours and on all days. There may be public events occurring upstairs which will take precedent over noise levels and light levels but the AIR will retain the right to be in the studio with those considerations taken into account.

Public Inclusion

This portion of the Green Door Art Residency seeks to connect the AIR with the Livingston community and of Park County. Green Door Gallery holds a responsibility to create points of access between the AIR and the local community. The Public Inclusion Program is a framework for accessibility. “Public Inclusion” may take many forms: skill-share class, public exhibition, artist talk, community workshop, presentation or any other kind of interactive project or event that engages the public. The goal is for 2-3 such events.

Open Studio Hours

The AIR is welcome and encouraged to hold regular open studio hours each month while in residency where the public may enter the space. This gives the public the opportunity to see the creative process and to interact and ask questions.

AIR Exhibition

Each residency will culminate in an exhibition of the artist’s new work for Livingston’s June Art Walk.


Facility Maintenance: Green Door manages the general maintenance of the space. This includes repairs, occasional cleaning etc. The AIR is responsible for basic care and protection of the space.

Applying to the AIR Program:  Submit information including your name, email, address, phone number, a paragraph about yourself, a paragraph explaining why you would like to be considered for the AIR Program, and two references to Lisa Snow Beaudin at Wheatgrass Saloon, 120 N. Main, Livingston, MT 59047. Application deadline for the spring of next year is December 15th of the current year.


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